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Rain - Drum Part Transcription

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Rain is a transcription of Ringo Starr's drum part as interpreted by the creators. It was created from various source materials and is provided in PDF format. 

This Charting Ringo drum part transcription is the sole work of the creators. It is meant for educational purposes only and is the creators' best effort to transcribed what Ringo played on the record. There are no expressed or implied guarantees that this is an exact documentation of the part. Rather it is our effort to listen, read and watch all available materials to help drummers and the drumming community better understand the left handed drumming style of Ringo Starr. 

The transcription is the documenation of the drum part played on the associated youtube video, Rain as played by Gene D'Amico. 

Charting Ringo contributors/creators are Gene D'Amico, Jeff Olson and Nicola Marangon.
Item Number: CR-Rain